CERTE Digital Networks

We are a service company that provides educational support activities in digital transformation.

Our Services

As a provider in the national electronic certification market, all our products and services are aimed at improving and facilitating the operation of our clients, who are looking for or want to start the path towards digital transformation and improve their daily processes and management.

Our Process

We are dedicated to providing support, advice and service to people and the entire business community, for the integration of their digital processes under quality services, with high levels of security and being a trusted partner in conducting electronic operations.

Interested In Our Services?

Digital Company

Advance towards Digital Transformation in your company with integrated solutions with CERTE's Database Management System. Get to know us and increase efficiency and productivity in your business with 100% online solutions.

Document Manager

Ideal solution for customers who need to solve the difficulty of tracking documents in a process flow. It allows the creation and management of documents of all kinds, which can be managed by different user profiles and with different attributions for each one of them, it allows management of templates and storage in a structured manner, with intelligent document search. It is integrated with the different types of electronic signature.

Digital Custody

Digital custody is used to store digital documents securely. The service provides advanced search and management features, based on different content parameters and document types.

Certificate Verification

It is a technological solution that allows verifying and authenticating the identity of a person through digital certificate and contrasting with their personal data, through a challenge of questions.

Industries of use

  • Human Resources
  • Higher Education
  • Vocational School
  • Retail
  • Health
  • Financial Services


  • Reduce costs and forget about paper.
  • Provides greater organization and control of documents.
  • Savings in physical storage space and convenience in searching.
  • Greater efficiency, speed and automated processes.
  • Files remain protected with maximum security.
  • Integrated system with the different types of digital certificate.
  • Ideal for field sales management.

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